Mission&Services (ミッションとサービス)

Japanese people helping others to find the purpose of their lives, and serve people as Japanese!

We provide counseling services, receive prayer requests, provide translation and interpretation services, support missions and disaster relief funding, and so on. We connect people who look for the local Japanese community to other Japanese Christian groups. Mainly we correspond to each other via email, social network services, phone calls, and video chats.


  • Main Translation Contents (主な翻訳内容)
“They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” (Revelation 12:11)

“Now give me this hill country that the Lord promised me that day…” (Joshua 14:12)

Our firm personal testimony will motivate and bless people to change themselves. People simply cannot argue against the truth of our experiences with Jesus. Testimonies are so powerful! That is the reason why we put subtitles on the powerful testimonies.
In every society, there are “7 Mountains”.  As God’s people, we are to establish God’s dominion in these areas of media, politics, education, economy, religion, art/entertainment, and family.  Lehigh Valley Japanese Ministries exists to conquer the mountain of media for God.
Our goal is to become a blessing to other nations by striving to translate into many different languages, such as Spanish and Korean.

彼にうち勝ち、死に至るまでもそのいのちを惜しまなかった。 」(黙示録12:11)



  • Focus (フォーカス)

As Japanese, we have been given many gifts by God. In particular, Japanese are diligent, polite, sensitive and very loyal. They try very hard to seek unity as a group. Our prayer and wish is that we are able to be the light in the world and be used by God.  There are major sins of adultery and immorality that exist in Japan, causing guilt and shame to fall upon the people of Japan. Casually, and on a daily basis, the average Japanese person encounters idol worship, fortune telling, and occult practices such as spiritualism.  We want to send out resources that will bring them to repentance and revelation, and from there healing and deliverance.



  1. ある事がきっかけで、YOUTUBE動画を観ました。信じられない位の衝撃を受けました。神の存在は信じていましたが、私のそれは間違ったものであると気が付かされました。 動画から救われた人々の訴える様子やイエス様が私達に与える愛に感動し、嬉しさと喜びで涙が止まりませんでした。 またそれと同時に、恐れと悔い改め の大切さが猛烈な勢いで自分に生まれ、 直ぐ聖書を購入して勉強し、聖書解読に関する動画なども毎日観る様になりました。 それで今度は教会を探しています。 新潟県に住んでいますが、どこか良い教会があれば是非紹介して頂けたらと思いメールさせて頂きました。 不躾なコメントですが、どうかお取り計らいを宜しくお願いします。


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